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About Me



I’m pleased that you found my page and would like to know a little bit about me. Hopefully I can help you decide whether I’m the sort of person you’d want to invite along to your event.

I have loved magic since as early as I can remember, and began performing professionally at the age of 14. Magic has taken me from being a shy and reserved child to having the confidence to share my passion with literally thousands of new and interesting people over the years. Some highlights have been; appearing on TV talk shows, spending my summers doing my show daily at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and being invited to perform in some of the most amazing wedding venues all over Scotland.


As well as being a professional magician at weddings, parties and corporate events - I also studied Mechanical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University and am now working as an IT engineer. So basically I’m like Harry Potter - if his main agenda was saving the world through renewable energies and coding.

When I was the President of the Heriot-Watt Magic Society, I was awarded the honour of 'Outstanding Contribution to Student Experience' by the student union. I am now the proud Vice-President of the historical Edinburgh Magic Circle.

Another of my other interests is writing, and in 2020 I released my first of 2 children's novels about magic and magicians. These continue to be some of my proudest achievements as I hear from readers about how much they enjoyed the stories, as well as the hidden magic teachings that are inside. If my books inspired just one child to become a magician one day, I think that'd be the best thing in the world.


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