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Mission: Magician

The crazy adventure story that also teaches YOU the secrets of magic along the way! Summary: Ollie desperately wants to become a magician. The only problem is that he does not know how...This crazy, fun adventure story follows Ollie and his pet bunny rabbit, Chalky, overseas in a quest to find real magic. Meeting some interesting characters along the way...

Also hidden in the story are some magicians' secrets that YOU can use to perform at least 6 magic tricks for your friends and family by the end of the story!


Madame Magician

A baby girl mysteriously appears on a rural French farm and is forced to grow up in silence. The thing that helps her find her voice is her love for learning magic. After escaping her horrendous step-parents, she finds herself becoming the new member of a strange children’s travelling circus. However, When suspicions arise around the owners - some secret motives are revealed. Could Merveille use her magic to save the day?
ALSO, within these pages there are a number of real magic tricks explained for the reader to learn and perform themselves. If they are up to the task...
This fun and exciting tale comes as a much requested extension to Dan Bastianelli's debut novel 'Mission: Magician' as it surrounds the backstory of many readers favourite character - Madame Merveille.

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